Among Peacocks & Rocks

Growing up in broken homes, children are sometimes placed into adoption homes, foster care, and with different family members through Child Protective Services or by other means.  All of these choices are made without the child either knowing what is going on or why it is happening to them.  Because they are minors they do not have a decision as to what happens to them.  Once they become adults, many are stuck in their own purgatory trying to find an identity or a direction in life.  Since they were constantly told what to do as children, when becoming an adult they are seeking someone to make decisions for them and looking for their own identity or place where they fit in.  Needing a new direction.


You may not have grown up through adoption, in a children's home, or foster homes.  You may be a parent of a child that has been through this experience.

Through this book, I want to share my story and how I found my voice and got my  RE-START.  How to live the life of your dreams and overcome the things that are holding you back.

Coming Soon!