What is RIM?

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A single session is $300.00 and typically lasts from 60-90 minutes.


If you would like to book a session with Debra Tischler  you can purchase your session on line and contact Debra directly to schedule your session.

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As an advanced tool, RIM (Regenerating Images in Memory), is a mind-body transformational technique that quickly produces extraordinary results, freeing you of negative self limiting beliefs and memories, empowering you to live your best life. RIM is done as a closed-eye personal journey guided by an experienced practitioner. (think interactive guided imagery)

As a whole-brain experience, RIM removes the need for the facilitator or the client to intellectually "know" the issues that need to be dealt with. We trust the RIM process because we know that our emotional operating system (EOS) knows exactly what needs to be dealt with first, without reliving old hurt and pain. As the blocks organically present themselves during the process, they begin to automatically dissolve, allowing you to move quickly and easily to sustainable results.
We all experience emotional blocks. Examples of simple blocks could be a fear or dislike of meeting new people, speaking your mind, confronting a difficult conversation, saying no, asking for help, coping with post-election politics, news events, everyday life events and stresses. Other blocks can be more debilitating like past abuse, traumas, past major life events, low self-esteem, and more. Plus, you nor the facilitator may not even know the real underlying issue/s that may be holding you back. These blocks can appear in very different ways in real life.
What's amazing is, we tend to think we have these issues under control, because we think we understand them intellectually, and we "know" how to handle them, we've been coping for years, right? This does not mean our emotions don't still take over our decisions and actions. The reason is, emotions live in our body, not our minds. Even though our mind may intellectually understand the issues, it does not communicate in emotions and feelings. 

How RIM Works

The RIM process allows you to re-generate your neurologically grounded sense of self in a profound way. Neuroscience findings support the efficacy of RIM by explaining that the brain and nervous system is changeable. A researcher at the College of William and Mary discovered that recalling a memory, biochemically destabilizes it, so it can be recreated in an affirming way.

Since your nervous system imprints an imagined experience similar to an actual experience, you can re-generate emotional body memories to create neurologically-rooted positive endings to old hurt and pain. All the while, factual memory remains stable. Finally, during the RIM process, you integrate a new body-centered feeling that automatically stimulates health in your mind, body and spirit. You begin to trust that life wants you to thrive and succeed.

​RIM process works in a way that can be challenging to understand intellectually. Our left brain (our intellect, the voices in our heads) thinks, plots, manipulates, calculates, figures things out, and speaks in words and thoughts.Our right brain (our emotions and imagination) speaks in metaphors, images, emotions, feelings, etc. RIM uses the power of our imagination to translate and synthesize, bridging the gap between both sides, creating a powerful whole-brain experience.

For example, since the left brain needs tangible information to understand something, the RIM facilitator uses simple language to guide you on your journey, allowing your imagination (right brain) to make emotions more tangible to the right brain, with qualities such as shapes, sizes and colors.

Now we have something tangible for the left brain to understand and keep it occupied while it follows the right brain in some amazing "teamwork". At this point, the whole brain is completely engaged so resolutions can be explored, resolved, and dissolved, while valuable insights can be brought back for practical use in real life, while feeling totally different about underlying core issues.

This can be likened to how your icons on your phone work. When you touch and hold a specific icon, all the icons begin to jiggle. This allows you to move, change, and delete any of the icons. Similarly, the RIM process can push on a memory (jiggly icons) allowing it to be changed, dissolved, removed, etc. without having to relive old hurt & pain.

For a lack of a better word, RIM is a "short cut" to removing emotional and/or mental blocks holding you back from achieving your goals. Very often, the RIM method resolves these blocks through seemingly unrelated related issues. Why this is important, neither client nor facilitator knows in advance where the session will go. Our emotional operating system (EOS) knows what needs to be dealt with and will get right to it. That is the beauty of RIM, it removes the  guessing or needing to know what the underlining blocks are.
Another important point about the RIM process is, it can be performed via phone, Skype, or in person. In fact, most RIM sessions are done by phone.  

Dr. Deborah Sandella PhD, RN

Who Created RIM?

Dr. Deborah Sandella PhD, RN, award winning therapist, university professor, best selling author, and founder of the RIM Institute, created the RIM method out of years of practice as a psyche nurse, therapist, and professor. She has trained dozens of RIM Facilitators in the US and abroad.

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RIM sessions are confidential via phone, skype or in person. Each session is a stand-alone, complete piece of work, dealing once and for all, with a single issue. Clients who have tried other coaching methods or therapy, have been amazed that a single session was more productive than weeks of traditional methods. Most of us have a number of issues throughout our lives, some of which, we are not even aware. For this reason, most clients benefit from a package of sessions.

A single session is $300.00 and typically lasts from 60-90 minutes.


If you would like to book a session with Debra Tischler, you can purchase your session on line and contact Debra Tischler directly to schedule your session.

Debra Tischler can be reached at:

 Phone 817-271-9629 or email at dtischlerrmt@sbcglobal.net,​​

Debra Tischler with Dr. Sandella,

RIM Class, Aug. 2016

About Dr. Deborah Sandella

Dr. Sandella began her career in the early 70's by innovating two creative programs to treat psychiatric clients in their local community rather than sending them off to the state hospital. She was recognized for developing extremely successful programs that effectively cut length of stays from 2-3 weeks down to 3-4 days and allowed families to become intimately involved in the treatment of their loved ones.

Dr. Sandella has been acknowledged with numerous professional awards; She was honored by her peers as "Outstanding Clinical Specialist," and received the "Research Excellence" Award for her doctoral dissertation funded by the Colorado Hospital Association. She received an EVVY "Best Personal Growth Book" Award, and her prosperity curriculum have been employed successfully by thousands of people.

Dr. Sandella has a Doctorate in Human Communication and a Masters in Psychiatric Nursing. She has been an assistant professor at the University of Colorado, a manager at a Community Mental Health Center, and a private practitioner. Her

greatest gift is the ability to combine her adept professional skills with her own keen intuitive abilities. Using her lessons as a mother, wife, and seeker, she teaches how to use one's intuition to live a balanced and happy life amid everyday chaos.


In 1993, Dr. Sandella began giving personal growth workshops and seminars in New Mexico and Colorado. Since that time, her retreats have expanded to Australia, Costa Rica, Chile and Peru. She is a master weaver of gentle, yet profoundly transformative learning experiences, and highly values the Chinese proverb, "Tell me and I may listen, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I will do it."


Dr. Sandella is a pioneer in developing techniques that break the mind-body barrier. Her RIM Institute offers products, workshops and individual sessions that significantly accelerate self-evolution and physical healing. Research found her book and CD significantly reduces stress-related illness. Currently, she trains others to become RIM Facilitators, so this powerful inner technology is easily available around the world.

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