In my RIM session I had an amazing experience.  Was able to let go of negative emotions I had unknowingly been carrying for over 40 years!!  I  now walk in freedom.  RIM is a secret that needs to be revealed.  RIM is available!  I am extremely excited for my RIM journey!  Thanks to Debra for introducing me to RIM!!


RIM (Regenerating Images in Memory

My sessions with Debra Tischler have facilitated extraordinary breakthroughs in my life.  I've been able to clear some big emotions around success and money.  As a result, I have more peace and sleep like a baby!

                                                A. Pool

I believe that there is serious value in Regenerating Images in Memory (RIM) as a technique for dealing with pain/hurt.  Not knowing what to expect, I participated in a RIM session and was very glad that I did.  I am a Christian by faith and many people automatically deny any treatment that they may consider to be unnatural or bible based.  Without any hesitation, I can tell you that RIM is neither.  It uses your own capacity for creativity to change the way you remember people, places and/or events.

It may seem a little strange, but once you have been through the process, you WILL discover things about how your mind sees pain and how it can help you alter the way in which it affects you.  God has given us this ability to heal ourselves - the RIM leader only takes you where your mind wants to go and they help it get there.  You may start off somewhere you think is where the problem is, but your mind will lead you to what it knows is the root.


Ms. Tischler is an amazing therapist and can provide a holistic approach to healing.  Deb can not only help coach you to improve goal setting, she can also help give you the tools to achieve those goals.  She is a very caring and loving person and treats you with respect, humility and professionalism.

                                                   M. Hoover